Kirkland Historical Society Bylaws

Article I-Name

The name of the organization shall be “Kirkland Historical Society.”

Article II-Purpose

The mission of the Kirkland Historical Society is to stimulate interest in
the Kirkland area history through education, research, collection and preservation

Article III-Board of Directors and Officers

Section 1. The Board of Directors shall be composed of at least three (3)
and no more than nine (9) directors, who are members of the society. The past-president
shall be an ex-officio director. He/she shall not be a voting member of the board or hold
office. The chairperson of each committee shall attend board meetings and present the
committee report.

Section 2. A Nominating Committee of two members of the Board of Directors and one
member at-large shall be appointed by the Board no later than the September meeting for the
purpose of identifying candidates for the next slate of directors.

Section 3. The Directors shall be elected at the November meeting of general membership
and assume office as of January 1st. Terms of office of the Directors the first year shall be one,
two and three year terms, determined by drawing straws (three Directors for three years, two
for two years and two for one year). Thereafter terms shall be for three years.

Section 4. The Board of Directors shall elect, at the conclusion of the November meeting,
the following officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Section 5. Any vacancy in any office or board position shall be filled by appointment by
the Board for the unexpired portion of the term of the vacated office. Resignations shall be
submitted in writing to the Board.

Section 6. Any Director may be removed by a vote of two-thirds of the Board of Directors
at a meeting called for that purpose. Proper notice of intent to remove must be given in writing
or electronic notice ten (10) days prior to such a meeting and the vacancy of the Board of Directors
caused by any such removal shall be filled in the manner specified in Section 5.

Section 7. All Directors shall serve without compensation.