The Kirkland Historical Society is an outgrowth of “Kirkland: Then and Now,” a historical play performed in 2007 in commemoration of Kirkland’s 125th birthday. An interested group met at the village hall later that year to launch the Kirkland Historical Society. The Kirkland Public Library provided space in the old bank vault to hold and display donated historical items and artifacts. They quickly outgrew this space and, in 2009, moved to the former Olson’s Quiram-Kirkland Chapel. The collection continued to grow over the next 12 years, expanding into the many rooms within the Chapel. The Kirkland Historical Society purchased the building in 2021. The building continues to serve multiple purposes as a historical center, a funeral home, and a space for community meetings and special events.

Our mission is to stimulate interest in the Kirkland area’s history through education, research, collection, and preservation.